BiogasSA was established in 2009, initially focussing on household scale digester solutions, but has over the years expanded its operations into the commercial sector and commissioned its first large scale 0.4MW plant in 2016, cementing its position as one of the leading biogas companies in South Africa.  BiogasSA has also completed numerous feasibility studies and reports focussing on biogas for commercial clients as well as government and non-government institutions.  BiogasSA is also an agent for a number of international biogas equipment suppliers thereby assisting in bringing quality products and expertise into the country.  BiogasSA has also from its inception played a leading role in the promotion and development of biogas as an industry in South Africa, starting by hosting the first ever Biogas Workshop in November 2012 and subsequently assisting the Department of Energy with hosting the first National Biogas Conference in November 2013 and again in 2015. Mark Tiepelt, the director of BiogasSA, has also been instrumental in the creation of SABIA (SA Biogas Industry Association) and was elected as its first chairman in 2013, a position he has been re-elected to ever since.  
BiogasSA is passionate about biogas and is dedicated to seeing this industry develop to its full potential in South Africa in the years to come.

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  • Commercial Turnkey Projects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Rural Digesters
  • Agricultural Biogas Solutions
  • Digester Panel Tank supplier & installer
  • Biogas Storage supplier & installer
  • Biogas flare & cleaning equipment supplier
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Commercial Turnkey Projects

BiogasSA has signed an agency agreement with Sauter Biogas GmbH from Germany and all our future...


Feasibility studies

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to biogas projects is that there simply is no generic...


Rural Digesters

BiogasSA is one of the leading companies in SA supplying and installing small scale digesters for...


Agricultural Biogas Solutions

The initial capital investment for a biogas plant is high with a fairly long payback period of 5-8...


Digester Panel Tank supplier & installer

BiogasSA is the South African agent for Schumann Tank & Stahlbau, one of Europe’s leading steel...


Biogas Storage Supplier & Installer

Specialised digester tanks, gas domes, flairs and related equipment.


Biogas flare & conditioning equipment supplier

BiogasSA is the SA agent for Italian company Progeco Biogas.