One of the biggest challenges when it comes to biogas projects is that there simply is no generic solution.

 The optimum biogas yield from a specific organic waste source is dependent on a number of variables such as digester design, mixing, heating, temperature, type and quantity of feedstock, geographical location, operator, etc – any single one of which could determine the ultimate viability of the project. The biogas produced could be used to generate either heat or electricity or both (CHP) – the financial viability of the project will thus depend on the optimal use of the energy produced based on the specific needs and requirements of the client’s operations. BiogasSA has conducted feasibility studies for abattoirs, fruit and vegetable processing plants, dairies and piggeries. BiogasSA was also appointed by the SA Local Government Association (SALGA) to conduct a feasibility study to look at the waste to energy (WtE) potential at municipalities and more recently appointed as part of a consortium by Pikitup to look at WtE potential in Johannesburg.

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Commercial Turnkey Projects

BiogasSA has signed an agency agreement with Sauter Biogas GmbH from Germany and all our future...


Feasibility studies

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to biogas projects is that there simply is no generic...


Rural Digesters

BiogasSA is one of the leading companies in SA supplying and installing small scale digesters for...


Agricultural Biogas Solutions

The initial capital investment for a biogas plant is high with a fairly long payback period of 5-8...


Digester Panel Tank supplier & installer

BiogasSA is the South African agent for Schumann Tank & Stahlbau, one of Europe’s leading steel...


Biogas Storage Supplier & Installer

Specialised digester tanks, gas domes, flairs and related equipment.


Biogas flare & conditioning equipment supplier

BiogasSA is the SA agent for Italian company Progeco Biogas.